My Short Science Fiction and Fantasy

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At the Coventry Writers Group, we regularly have a competition where everyone writes a short or very-short story on a chosen topic.  I’ve found it a useful inspiration, and think some of my stories worth circulating here.

New additions are:

Bring Me The Head of Lady Godiva.  My own version of a famous Coventry tale.

Gandalf’s Dream.  Fan fiction. Supposing Gandalf had been wrong and Frodo’s ring was not the One Ring?

A Ghost Wind for Christmas.  Humans could travel between stars. But the power of a supernova was still outside of human control. A wind that rocks the local universe.

Love Among the Little Sparkles.  Vast being exist among the magnetic fluxes of our galaxy. For them, a supernova is a small matter.
For stars, it is as if elephants are born and die in a single day, while mayflies live for centuries.

The Golden Teddy-Bear and the Bloody Shovel
On the internet, know one knows if you’re a ghost. But how do you clear your name and avenge your own murder?

Galadriel’s Ring-Quest.  Fan fiction, imagining how Galadriel Gained Her Ring of Power, during the wars against Sauron.

The Binding Hammer.  More Tolkienian fan-fiction. A mighty magic power awakens, but has no idea of who he is.

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