700) Very Short Stories

At the Coventry Writers Group, we regularly have a competition where everyone writes a very short story on a chosen topic.  I’ve found it a useful inspiration, and think some of my stories worth circulating here.

  • Love Among the Little Sparkles.  Vast being exist among the magnetic fluxes of our galaxy. For them, a supernova is a small matter.
    For stars, it is as if elephants are born and die in a single day, while mayflies live for centuries.
  • Turning the Year.  Christmas or Winter Solstice celebrated in a world very unlike our own.
  • Mistcrap in Flipworld.  Another Christmas, but this one darkly comic.
  • Vindalf’s Gift.  A man goes gambling near Christmas, but gets a chilling surprise.
  • Fire works, Ice Endures.  Britain has snow on Bonfire Night.  How does a Guardian Spirit handle it?
  • Einstein and the Official Christmas Day.  The complications of time dilation, and of having a father who dies centuries ago.
  • Becoming Dangerous Yellow.  An Incarnate Idea finds he is outdated in the ever-changing Real World.  Can he shift?
    Incidentally, ‘Dangerous Yellow’ was a real phrase used by a child.  It was chosen by us in the CWG as a story theme for that month.