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For Tolkien fans, I have added six new chapter studies, getting as far as The Mirror of Galadriel.  Also a separate study of who Tom Bombadil is.  All at Lord of the Rings, Chapter by Chapter.


Baby Boomers to Blame?  How the wealth-grab by a more-than-millionaire class has been overlooked, with ordinary people tricked into blaming each other.

The ‘White Race’ does not exist.  Why I identify myself as an ‘Aboriginal European’.

Britain’s Mixed Feelings About Hitler in the 1930s.   Until it came to war, the British Centre-Right was surprisingly friendly to Hitler.

August: Adam Smith Misled Us.  His famous book simply invents the notion that profit is the only sound guide to creating real material wealth.  The real economy, though called ‘Capitalist’, has never really matched his claims.  Not been what the New Right claimed.

Deaths caused by Hitler – 45 million or more.  At least seven million non-Jewish Germans.

21st July. Parliaments Different From Democracy

Democracies and one-party states.  Europe’s mediaeval Parliaments were devised as a way of formalising the European notion that the king must consult with his more important subjects.  Only very gradually did they democratise.  Dropping this complex system onto a society with very different traditions mostly fails.
Britain was not even loosely democratic until the 1880s, when about 60% of adult males at the core of the British Empire got the vote.
One-Party states in countries without a Parliamentary tradition are often a better way of expressing the actual Will of the People.

29th June: The Mixed Economy Won the Cold War.  How the West was tricked into mistrusting its highly successful Mixed Economy system.  How the Baby Boomers were sold ‘Imaginary Capitalism’ as the answer to their dreams of Freedom.

May 22nd – some short stories, all but the last under 1000 words


Additions In The Last 12 Months

21st January.  Asocialism: Part One; The Muon and the Green Great Dragon.  Also available as a PDF, Problems 28 – The Muon and the Green Great Dragon.  I have also separated out most of the topics as separate small articles, which will be easier to read:

  • Why Muons were real, even when no one had believed they should exist. Or could explain why they did exist.
  • Why atoms are not really ‘a hole in a hole‘.
  • Why any native English speaker knows that a ‘green great dragon’ is bad English, but would be unlikely to know why.  It starts from Tolkien’s observations on the matter.
  • Reality – Schrodinger’s Cat.
  • How religions came in waves of ideas, and gave us ways to organise our thinking that had not existed before.  But show their human origin, by always supposing that it was a universe made as a dwelling for humans and similar creatures

Also incidental studies of constellations, computer code, the multiple meaning of words like ‘Mao’ in Chinese, cosmic scales and calendar months.

20th JanuaryLord of the Rings, Chapter by Chapter.  The first six chapters studied in detail, plus an explanation of how Gandalf gradually realised which ring it was.

6th November.  What Was The Lowest Ever Number of Sovereign States? An estimate suggesting a minimum of less than 60 just before World War One.

15th June

  • Four menus of new material:
    10) Human Biological History & Nature
    15) Other Science
    20) British History
    25) World History.
  • (All of them were previously posted at the Long Revolution website.  Organised differently here.)



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