60) About Science Fiction & Fantasy

My Blogs: Midwich Cuckoos 2022
Obi-Wan at his Lowest Point
Tolkien, Race, and an Amazon Blessing
The Footsteps of Seldon
Foundation TV: Look What They’ve Done to Lord Dorwin!
Miss Gaal, Miss Demerzel and Miss Salvor Hardin: Foundation’s Characters
Foundation and Excellence
Disney Not Dumbo
Andromeda Reborn in Star Trek: Discovery?
Star Wars: the Nordic Generation
Diana Rigg and 1960s Sexual Politics
and several more.

A page of references for the many planets imagined by Ursula Le Guin in her Hainish Cycle.  Each of her worlds listed, with some details.

Blog on Science Fiction & Fantasy.  Some random observations.   New Right Economics as Science Fiction, Games of Thrones and Books, And if you prefer Lord of the Rings…, Watership Down: A Tale of Dead Rabbits.

The Truth of Troy.  Archaeology suggests that the story we have was not the original.  And Homer may have been working from a lost legend, The Tragedy of Priam.  Because he supposedly restored the city after an earlier sack by Hercules.

The Moral Void in Star Wars.  How the “good” side behave quite badly.  Not worrying about owning droids or killing innocents (including freedom fighters held prisoner) on the Death Star.  Nor Obi-Wan lying to Luke about his father, and Yoda failing to correct this lie.

The Harry Potter Books (in 2000).  The ‘Republic of Magic’ and its distinct angle on many aspects of fantasy.

Game of Thrones and Other Filmable Fantasy.  The roots of the story and the way it is told.   Also what else might be films.  And a comparison of the Nightwatch oath and Pippin’s oath to Denethor in Lord of the Rings.

The original Frankenstein – not at all like the later films and retellings.

Eyes and Illusions in Tolkien and Le Guin.   Including an analysis of how the “back-story” changes a lot in the various novels and short stories of her Hainish Cycle.

Defending Tolkien Against Michael Moorcock’s Condemnation.  A review of Moorcock’s 1987 book Wizardry and Wild Romance.  Saying a lot about fantasy fiction in general, as well as illustrating Moorcock’s errors.

Gollum as Stream-of-Consciousness.  A short excerpt taken from my study of Moorcock and Tolkien.

Home Movies of the Soul.   Another excerpt from my study of Moorcock and Tolkien.

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