My t-shirt design

I think a lot about the nature of the universe.  I came up with a personal statement, and had it made into a t-shirt.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

With a quote from a useful book on the back:2019_04_060100 - Our Universe T shirt

Went to a specialist t-shirt maker, Sarah Friedlos, Beadlebop Design, Printing & Embroidery Services.  07982040502.  Email to:-

Someone must have found it on Flickr, and asked how they could get one.  I gave them the shop details, and they store designs.

I’m not sure if I have ownership rights: and if so I wave them.  But if you make one, please also include a link to an explanation of what I believe.  Why Humans Make Religion.  Put that on the t-shirt as the source, maybe low on the back.