My DNA results

Got myself DNA tested.  I seem to have a lot of Hunter-Gatherer heritage.

2017_12_240101 - My Origins2017_12_240100 - My Origins

Those ancestors may have looked like the picture below: see Dark Skin, Blue Eyes – the Original EuropeansBlue Eyes

Not at all like me.  Skin colour got lighter for Britons when we got less fresh meat, which is a good source of Vitamin D.


Update – July 2021. More data since 2017, when I posted this originally.

Predictably, I come from the UK region

The maternal line is that of the West Asian farmers who changed all Europe.

The paternal line comes from the metal-age invaders.

Interesting to know. A record of past conquests.

I’ve done a blog about this: Europe’s Brutal Prehistory.