Ukraine – the Current Conflict

I have a whole page listing every blog I’ve made over the years. But with the fast-moving situation in Ukraine, I’ve now added this new page, which can be updated more frequently.
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My Latest Blogs – No Valid International Law Actually Exists. The hollowness of the ICC.

Russia – It Will Survive! Napoleon and Hitler both tried to exhaust Russia, but cracked first.

Also useful articles by other people:

Putin: The Reluctant Annexationist, By Pat Walsh

Ukraine: Turning of the Tide?
Washington’s War
Ukraine: The Path of Destruction

My Previous Blogs

The USA Makes a Disorderly & Unjust World.

Many Laws Bent by the USA. Not defending a genuine impartial system.

The New World Disorder. Ukraine is one of many countries where US ‘help’ has meant ruin.

Ukraine: Annexation and Reconquest. Zelensky demands surrender before negotiations can even start.

Putin’s Speech and Ukraine’s Self-Harming Nationalism. How he justified annexation.

Ukraine and Nuclear Threats. Putin is warning the West to keep its present policies, rather than trying a no-fly zone.

The End of Ex-Soviet Ukraine. West Ukrainians wrecked their own state, by making no allowance for a majority in the east that valued existing ties.
They have been Useful Fools for the US elite, which wants Russia weakened and does not care what it costs Ukrainians.

Pro-Russian Ukrainians Ignored by the West

Many in Donbass Support Russia

Ukraine’s Ill-Treated Greek Minority

Ukraine: Biden’s Failed Anti-Russia Crusade

The Civil War in Ukrainian Minds – an overall view of the background, and how the world suffers.

  • Fighting to the Last Ukrainian
  • Fantasy Globalisation
  • Outrage When Kissinger Speaks Truth
  • Soros and Denethor
  • Russia Betrayed in the 1990s
  • Food – Punishing the Cashless
  • West Ukraine’s Compulsory De-Russification
  • The Strange Death of US Hegemony
  • The World and the Sleazy City On a Hill
  • Turkey Out of Place
  • Never Mind Looming Disaster: Just Blame Russia
  • Dying for Feed-the-Rich Economics
  • International Law? Better Call Saul
  • When is a spy not a spy?
  • A War of Ghosts and Shadows
  • From Russia, Without Love
  • Separatism: Kosovo or Donbas
  • The ‘Treason’ of Kherson
  • Wars of Identity
  • Looking for Truth
  • A Turkish Journalist’s View

Russia Making No Progress in the Donbass? Written on May24th, while the mainstream Western press was still insisting that the Russian army had been stopped.

  • Who Wins In Ukraine?
  • Who Dares?
  • The Morality Of It
  • Elections Causing Violence

Ukraine: a Land With a Great Future Behind It

  • What They Don’t Tell You
  • Ukrainian Chauvinism
  • Servant of the Wrong People
  • USA Hegemony: the Global South Declares Independence
  • Great-Power Downward Spirals
  • Legality: Always Born From Successful Illegality
  • A Modern Nazi Enterprise
  • Lost Futures
  • Moldova, Transcarpathia – Parallel Problems
  • Bad Reporting
  • Russia Standing Tall
  • Yeltsin’s Failure
  • Democratic Separatism
  • Crimea: Democracy and Suffering

Zen and a Christian Way to Encourage Rioting
About Hong Kong, with the anti-Beijing protests seen as part of the same US global policy that has wrecked Ukraine.

Legality and Democracy in Ukraine
How the USA makes sure that its Power Politics is never limited by the United Nations or by other people’s judgements on International Law.

Russia: A Fate Worse Than Putin?
Western media and politicians are fools to hope that Putin will be replaced by someone more to their taste. The main Russian Communists got 40% of the votes against Yeltsin in 1996. 18.93% in 2021. They might return to power as part of a centre-left government.
They are 14 times more popular than Yabloko, the main survivor of pro-Western Russian politics.
* Ukraine: Making Local Democracy Illegal
* NATO: Elites Who Reluctantly Tolerate a Democratic Electorate

How an article in the FT saw it. Giving Putin an oddly saintly appearance, which was not what they suggested.

World Civilisations and Unknown Habits
Humans are defined by the civilisation they grow up in. Often in ways they don’t notice. Like US citizens saying Mom, Math and Zee, while Britons say Mum, Maths and Zed.
Other parts of the planet can be much more alien. Which is why globalisation as led by the USA is failing.
The Ukraine War is one front in the USA’s grand strategy of globalisation. Which is anyway based on false understanding.

Ukraine Punished For Rejecting US Values in 2010

  • Ukraine’s Self-Harm.
  • Damaging Ukraine to Damage Russia
  • Myself as a Briton Against Upper London.
  • Why Globalisation Failed
  • Cannon Fodder in an anti-Russian Crusade.
  • Mariupol – the Tragic Middle Ground
  • Kiev as A Bridge Too Far?
  • The Strange Death of Global Liberalism
  • Russia Tries ‘Ourselves Alone’
  • The French Connection
  • Lost Worlds
  • Half the world says No, Including Israel
  • Making Russia an Enemy
  • War Crimes
  • Legality
  • The War Itself
  • War Crimes
  • Russians Not Submissive

Ukraine: Mariupol and the War for the Oblasts

  • The War for the Oblasts
  • A Campaign for Real Ukrainians?
  • Ukraine as Cannon-Fodder
  • USA as Cannon-Owner
  • Mariupol Suffering Needlessly

Parliamentary Democracy Killed United Ukraine

  • NATO’s Imperfect History
  • How Voters Often Bust Their Own Society
  • Parliaments – Houses for the Lesser Elites
  • Parliaments Preventing Good Government

NATO poses as a global defender of democracy. But that’s not what it began as. When founded in 1949, it was a very different world-order that it was defending.

Portugal was an old British ally that had a right-wing dictatorial republican system from early in the 20th century. They helped overthrow the Spanish republic and install the Franco regime. And Portugal was a founder-member of NATO.

Labour Affairs – new magazine. April 2022: Editorial 1: Making Sense of the Ukraine Conflict The British government and its media outlets would have us believe that the hostilities that began on the 24th February were an unprovoked aggression.

Ukraine – a minority Irish view. From two Irish magazines.

Wednesday 6th April. Ukraine’s Civil War and the G7 / NATO Hegemony

  • An Unrecognised Civil War
  • Neo-Nazis as a Political Wedge for the Orange Revolution
  • War Crimes in a Lawless World
  • A Failing Hegemony
  • Defending Democracy?
  • The Doubtful Dollar Hegemony
  • The World Beyond Europe
  • Gas and Oil – Problems Boycotting
  • Australia prefers lobsters to Ukrainians
  • The Hungary Games
  • Not Just Hungary
  • Military Matters
  • Nazis As Useful Enemies
  • Shadows of the Past
  • A Path to Peace?

Thursday 31st: Ukraine: Western Media in 2014 Reported Nazi Links

  • Memories of 2014
  • Russian To Be Inferior?
  • Kissinger Notices the Divide
  • Visible Neo-Nazis
  • Staged Atrocities?
  • Jews Surviving Amidst Hostile Rivals
  • A Centre-Right Israeli Warning
  • Fukuyama’s Failure
  • Did Russia Want War?
  • And What Next?
  • Past Blogs on Neo-Nazis
  • Wider Reading

Monday 28th March: Ukraine as a New Korea?

  • A New Korea?
  • West and Un-West
  • Forbid Bad Votes by Bad People?
  • Yes, Ukraine has Nazis
  • The Secessionists
  • Globalisation Unravelling?
  • China stands solid, and not alone
  • Don’t Say NATO, Say Nasty
  • And What Else?
  • Facing Poverty and a New World

Friday: Ukraine: the G7 as ‘They Who Must Be Obeyed’?.

  • Superior Persons?
  • Less Superior Persons – the G20
  • Biden Wins Europe, Loses the Wider World
  • Japan’s Stand
  • Anti-Russianism – Another 4th Crusade?

Thursday: Ukraine: the Soviet Fall was a Geopolitical Disaster.

  • 1914-18: the Millions Killed by Parliamentary Democracy
  • 1991: Russia Treated as Defeated
  • Party Politics as a Road to Civil War
  • China Seeing NATO as a threat.
  • The World Beyond China
  • How Ukraine Sought ‘Cultural Cleansing’

Monday 21st, Ukraine: Half the World Stays Neutral. The tragedy of the continuing war in Ukraine. And the unwillingness of at least half the world to join the Western crusade against Russia. The direct link is

On Sunday 20th, I posted Ukraine Polarises. Detailing how opposition parties have been banned for not being anti-Russian enough, even though they have condemned the invasion. And more on the Nazi connections.

I blog because Western media ignore the case of the Separatists. A large minority of Ukrainians have been anti-Russian from 2014. A rather smaller minority are determined to keep links with Russia, or failing that to leave Ukraine completely.

Crimea’s elected legislators voted to leave Ukraine, before Russia annexed them. This is one of many key items left out. And in much of Ukraine, there was a wish to keep links.

The situation is complex. Some people identify as Ukrainian, but Russian is their main language. And some view themselves as Russians living outside of the Soviet-defined Russian Republic. In many areas they are an actual majority.

Russia denies it wishes to occupy Ukraine. It has always insisted on the right of Crimea to be part of Russia, and the Donbas regions to be autonomous. And now it partly occupies regions that had a lot of pro-Russian feelings up to 2014, and may still have them.

All of this is detailed in my blogs, with sources. The most recent items come first:

Ukraine: Russian and Chechens Enter Central Mariupol

NATO and Ukraine: They Want the World, But the World Says No!

India Helpful to Russia During the Ukraine Crisis

Ukrainian Separatists – the Unmentionable Topic

Ukraine: Diplomacy as a Polite Name for Intimidation

Ukraine: Pro-Russians and Separatists Reported by French News

This is a Chinese posting. Emphasising that most of the world does not want Russia to be punished or for the Ukrainian government to concede nothing.

India is actively helping Russia, buying a lot more oil from them than it did before the crisis. And the Middle East refuses to make life hard for Russia. All of this is detailed in my blogs. Including mentions in Western media that are often so obscure that most people miss them

What it shows is what I’ve elsewhere called Greater Western Europe / USA. With Japan as a pragmatic ally, but with a very different culture.

Russian forces in Ukraine flying the Soviet flag?

Ukraine: Poland’s Odd Offer and China’s pro-Russian Stand

China will not help the West over Ukraine

Ukrainian Separatists Now Seldom Mentioned

Ukraine: Sadly, No-one Important Fears the International Criminal Court

Ukraine To Accept Neutrality?

Ukraine About to Admit Defeat?

Ukraine: the USA as Broken Reed

Ukraine – Arming the Useful Idiots

Why Hungary is Friendly to Russia

Trump Again in 2024?

Ukraine’s Sad Fate

Some people have an interest in division. Ukrainian oligarchs are no better than the Russian sort. But Putin curbed them in Russia. In Ukraine they remain strong, and the economy suffers:

Romania and Poland were let into the European Union. Ukraine has not been allowed in, and gets the worst of both worlds.
The two graphs differ – there are many ways to measure. But the picture is consistent. And this is another matter that Western media avoid mentioning.

I have blogged on this: Ukraine Remains Mired

The population has been consistently split, with anti-Russian feeling stronger in the west and weaker in the east.

Much of the country saw protests against the 2014 take-over by strongly anti-Russian politicians. An alliance of mainstream anti-Russian politicians with Neo-Nazis. An alliance that persists even with a Jewish president. Which is nothing odd in war: no odder than Churchill and Stalin being allies from 1941 to 1945.
The population was of course split. I assume the lack of protests in the west was because most of the population was already agreed

Past Analysis of Ukraine

Ukraine – Kiev’s Five-Day War Machine.  The dirty politics of the Second Orange Revolution.
Ukraine and legality – the removal of Viktor Yanukovych broke Ukraine’s constitution.
Parliament’s Willingly Deceived, the United States in 2014 wanted NATO and the EU right up against Russia’s borders.
Variable Eternal Truths about Serbs and Germans.
Kosovo and Crimea: the West’s Double Standard in 2014.

Why Yeltsin Lost Russia for Western Interests

Kleptocracy in Yeltsin’s Russia.  (His failures described in 1992.)
Russia past and present (in 1992).
Yeltsin’s Final Election and the Near-Return of the Russian Communists.
Yeltsin Becoming Dictatorial in Russia (1993).
Russia : The Incompetent Capitalist Revolution.