70) My Own Science Fiction

Alternate History – The Seven Months War of 1914

  • Part 1: The Fall of Lloyd George and The Tory War
  • Part 2: The Marne and Tannenberg
  • Part 3: The Christmas Truce and the Bryan Plan
  • Part 4: Peace Plans and the Problem of Bosnia
  • Part 5: The Consequences of the 1915 Peace

Tales of the Homestars

Three loosely-connected stories in a single imagined future.

Two stand-alone chapters from an unfinished novel called Kind Hearts and Cold Equations.

Einstein and the Official Christmas DayShort story.  The complications of time dilation and also alloparents.

Three more stand-alone chapters from another stand-alone novel, this one called Robotka: Fallen From Heaven.  Robotkas are artificial people who look just like human women, and often feel the same, except they have been raised to view themselves as much inferior.


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