A new page on the Ukraine Conflict

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Once a month I have been updating a list of blogs. Classified by subject, on a page listing every blog I’ve made over the years.

But things move fast, so I have created a new page just about the conflict.

Ukraine – the Current Conflict

It includes maps showing that it is a regional conflict. The Western media ignore people born in the Soviet-defined Ukrainian Republic who feel Russian, or speak more Russian than Ukrainian, or wish for a balance between Ukrainian and Russian values.

And it is not at all the whole world lined up against Russia.

This is a Chinese posting. Emphasising that most of the world does not want Russia to be punished or for the Ukrainian government to concede nothing.

What it shows is what I’ve elsewhere called Greater Western Europe / USA. With Japan as a pragmatic ally, but with a very different culture.

India is actively helping Russia, buying a lot more oil from them than it did before the crisis. And the Middle East refuses to make life hard for Russia. All of this is detailed in my blogs. Including mentions in Western media that are often so obscure that most people miss them.

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